Veterinarian Appointments Skyrocket in the Post Pandemic

Posted by Richard Bartram on


USA Today ran an article that discussed the long delays for vet appointments during the pandemic. While pets have been providing a source of comfort to Americans during the pandemic, it has also created a huge demand for vet appointments. Additionally, the safety measures that vets have adopted during COVID have contributed to the delays and longer wait times.

The article from August that reported that there were 3 to 6 week wait lists for vet appointments and wait times could be up to 8 hours for an emergency vet visit.

The American Veterinary Medical Association also reported that average wait times nearly doubled earlier this year — according to June 2020 data compared to June 2019 data.

Vetster, an innovative pet telemedicine platform that virtually connects pet owners to a marketplace of licensed veterinary professionals to book appointments at any time 24/7. The company just launched in early November and they already have over 2,000 veterinary professionals on the platform, have seen over 500 patients and appointments are doubling week-over-week.

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