Pet Scams on the Rise

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Pet Scams on the Rise

Once a scam always a scam although with todays technology scams are happening more and more without any regards to are loving and personal pets.

The classic puppy scam has been the cause of concern lately with financial apps like Zelle and CashApp being tools of the scam trade.

Scams are on the rise globally with the ease of obtaining and using technology that is relatively affordable.

The Wild & The Tamed Pet Shop and jungle explorer pet shop owner from Nashville Tennessee, Lance "Guinea Pig" Chalupita have been and keep regular contact and company in large international cities like Lima, Peru and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Fraudsters and bottom dwellers have always tried to stay ahead of the consumer and law enforcement with the end goal of taking your money and leaving you with nothing.

In Lima Peru puppies have been used as cute little drug mules being operated on simply to insert illegal drugs. These cute and lovable little puppies are killed and the drugs removed. You will see this and more on the streets of Lima Peru where stray dogs roam everywhere in the city like vagrants in Gotham City.

In Rio de Janeiro pet abuse is common. Street dogs are gunned down by any citizen who packs a gun and enjoyed shooting homeless and abused dogs. Referred to "moving targets" not uncommon to at least one dead dog a day or a severely maimed one.

The Wild & The Tamed Pet Shop supports an equal balance between humans and their furry best friends. Acquiring, stocking and selling unique items for any kind of pet. Birds, fish, reptiles, dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, horses, and others are always the priority when selecting a new item your animal mascot.

Holiday season is upon and spoil "man's best friend" and your animal companion with a product that he or she will also love. The Wild & The Tamed  Pet Shop stocks thousands of items for pets. A portion of our total sales is donated to animal welfare organizations around the world fighting the daily battle of crimes against animals and pets.

Be a wise consumer this holiday season and protect your wallet and your pet so both of or all of you are safe and not scammed this holiday season. 

Stay warm animal kingdom.....

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