Dogs Increase Attractiveness to Other Users in Dating Apps

Posted by Richard Bartram on


Honest Paws released a study that showcased how having a dog in your online dating profile increases your attractiveness to other users. It turns out that 63% of singles said they're more likely to swipe right on someone who has a dog in their dating profile! See other key findings, below.

  • 70% of singles believe having a dog in their dating profile helps them get more matches on dating apps.
  • Almost 5 out of every 10 dog owners said they would break up with someone they were dating if their dog didn't like them.
  • 55% of dog owners would rather quarantine with their dog than their significant other.
  • 48% of singles say seeing dog photos in a dating profile would change their mind about someone they would've otherwise passed on!
  • The top 5 dating apps to meet dog lovers (in order), according to our survey of singles, are Tinder, Match, Bumble, eHarmony, and Farmers Only.
  • Dogs and dating are so related that new dog-centered dating apps such as Dig and tinder have arrived on the scene.

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